Grey days

February 14, 2012

January and February are often long and grey but in recent years we have had the treat of not only blue skies and sunshine but also snow & if you are anything like me it makes you feel like 6years old again! And this year was no acception, while out with Agnes and Doreen I found the remnants of someone else’s sledge broken, but undettered I made good of use of it much to the bewilderment of the dogs!

20120214-073259 PM.jpg

20120214-073320 PM.jpg

20120214-073341 PM.jpg


Pearl Barley and her roots!

January 17, 2010

This could be one for your diary, Pearl Barley is hosting an “underground dining”event for Valentine’s weekend. It will be a feast of tea time treats, some of which are mentioned in her blog others will be a surprise on the day. Afternoon tea is a real treat and I am sure this one will be all of that and more. Indulgent decadence, go on treat yourself.

An heirloom

December 1, 2009

My family

My brother lives in America and each year I struggle as to what to give him and his wife for Christmas, however this year I feel very pleased with their gift. I have embroidered a cushion cover with the signatures of our family.

signatures all collected

As I rummaged around collecting the signatures, I wasn’t cursing the sentimental hoarder of those old saved birthday cards or letters marking special events, as it meant I had all the signatures I needed, even the ones of relatives no longer alive.

As emails become ever common, along with texts, signatures are even more special and evocative of each person they belong to, often only seen on a card or present.

Off to the USA!

At last…………..

November 29, 2009

autumn colours

 Here goes, a big brave step – for me anyway!! This is one of the reasons I started this blog, my very good friend (to say nothing of kind & talented photographer) has been encouraging me for sometime now to share with “you” my work. Well it has been many weeks (and no doubt exhausted many peoples patience, as I am not the bravest blogger, loving to read rather than do). But …. drum roll here it is, tah dah.
I put together semi precious stone colours to suit peoples colour preferences, often throwing in a colour to complement and accentuate the others.

red, gold & grey

The stones I have used here are some of my favourites carnelian, smokey quartz, lemon citrine, peridot, smokey topaz, amythest, garnet, rainbow moonstone & labradorite. Each stones colour is unique on it’s own but each time I pair it with another stone it draws on different tones, which just adds to their beauty.

 They are almost like sweeties!


simple things

October 16, 2009

I love this picture! I am not normally prone to boastful moments but as I didn’t take the picture and only made the jelly, I feel I can say that without shame. This was achieved on one of those very lovely days when you think ” is this work? What fun”
Not all days are such fun, of course, but I am very lucky in that my work often involves pretty things (more of that in future posts) There it is done my first venture into blogging!